Industrial PET Strap

Also known as

Cotton Bale Strapping Patti Set
Fibre Pet strap rolls
Green Pet Strapping Rolls
Green Polyester Strap
High tensile pet straps
Industrial Pet Strap
Pet Strap
Pet Strap Rolls
Textile pet strap

Industrial Usage area:

Various types of food products
Automobiles and spare parts
Beverage bottles
Cosmetic items
Garments, etc.


Longer service life
Robust construction
Reliable and safe operation
Highly adhesive
Optimum holding strength
Water proof

Ideal For:

• Used for palletizing, reinforcing, packing, bundling & unitizing etc. through manual clip seal ing or electric or battery operated strap sealing machines in different industrial sectors like: Steel, Textile, Chemical, Paint, Architectural Material, Bundling, Paper Products, Glass, Ceramic, Electrical Goods, Plastic Processing, Agro Product, Auto etc.
• Suitable for high production
• Fully Automatic power strapping machines
• Pneumatic Manual Tools
• Battery Operated Manual Tools
• Manual Sealer & Tensioner

PET Strap is an innovative Packaging Product, not only because it is fully recyclable, but also because it has the heavy loading characteristic of Steel strap and the elasticity of Polypropylene (PP) strap.

PET Strap is available with embossed as well as plain surface. You also have the choice to print your company name and logo on the strap. This could serve as an added advertisement route to promote your company image.

Economy : The weight of Six (6) meters of PET strap is equal to One (1) meter of Steel strap of same size making its more economical and reducing the freight cost and easy handling.

Corrosion Free : PET strap is rust free and chemically inert. It does not leave any stain on the pack.

Safety : PET strap does not have sharp edges like STEEL, it will not cut or damage product. PET strap create a safe work environment for user because it does not 'Spring back' when removed, So there is no risk of injuries while tensioning or cutting the strap.

Impact Resistance : PET strap has an Impact resistance five times greater than Steel Strap. PET strap has higher SHOCK ABSORBING capacity than steel strap, so it is ideally suitable for compressed rigid loads that require strapping tension through out handling & storage.

Elongation Recovery : PET Strap has slight ELASTICITY so, it tries to return to their original position under tension. PET strap has good elongation recovery, while STEEL strap tension by contracting with the pack in the event of pack settlement. Where as steel may become loose if the pack configuration changes.

Printing : Printing is possible on PET strap.